hormonesMenopause Sisters are actually sisters!

These four women, Laura Dankof, Nancy Munro, Angie Buskhol, and Colleen Otto are four of 13 children who grew up on a dairy farm in Iowa. From the eight girls and five boys, many of the sisters went down the path of working in the healthcare field. Now they have a full family of PhD’s nurses, nurse practitioners, Reiki experts and more. They’re striving to help women who are in that stage of life where they are hit with both physical and mental stress that can run out of control.

Are you ready to make the decision today to reclaim your hormones?  I want you to really check-in with yourself and trust your instincts and intuition. Are you tired of the hormonal ups and downs?  Are you tired of feeling like you are in this alone?  Are you tired of feeling hot, fat, fatigue, irritable, depressed, and sleep deprived? What’s important is that you make a decision now. Join the Menopause Sisterhood. We are here to help you.  We will bring our own experiences and expertise with us.

Meet the Sisters!

Laura Dankof is a nurse practitioner with over 20 years of experience working in health care.  She is also the founder of Path to Health and Healing.  She has helped hundreds of women navigate the “change”.

Nancy Munro is a business owner of Knowledge Shift and Co Founder of Cool Cami, a product designed to get rid of your hot flashes fast!

Angie Buskhol has a background as a Paramedic and Reiki Master.  She is also the founder of the Facebook Page, Angelic Intuitive.

Colleen Otto is a registered nurse with over 40 years experience working in health care.  She is also a healing touch practitioner, expert in essential oils and founder of Laughing Budda.

We don’t want to leave out our four other sisters as they are equally creative teachers, a nurse educator and a pediatric nurse practitioner.  We value the support we provide one another.  We know how important that is and want to help you thrive rather than just survive menopause.

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We would also love to have you join our private Menopause Sisterhood Facebook group as well.  If you know of other women who would love to be a part of the Menopause Sisterhood, just share this information with them.  We are all here to support each other.

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