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Our mission is to help your thrive rather than just survive menopause. 

Hi, Laura Dankof MSN, ARNP here.  Glad you are here!  Menopause Sisters was created by myself and my sister Nancy Munro to help you navigate the changes you are experiencing in the years leading up to and through menopause.  This came about as we experienced our own issues.

Dear Menopause Sister: If you are feeling hot, tired, fat, irritable, stressed and feel like you are on a hormonal roller coaster, we can relate. You see, it wasn’t that long ago that we were in a similar position. It seemed that no matter how much we exercised, worked on eating a healthy diet that our hormones were getting further out of whack.  Nancy was having hot flashes and night sweats day and night.  I was having heavy and irregular periods, gaining weight, and my breasts were full of cysts.  I thought, “I am a nurse practitioner, why can’t I figure this out?”  Things were getting desperate, so I immersed myself in learning everything I could about how to get to the root of what was causing my hormones to be so out of balance.  Well, imagine how shocked I was to discover that the way I had structured my diet, exercise, driven workaholic life was basically contributing to my hormone imbalance and making things much worse. Once I realized the mistakes I was making and learned from some the best functional medicine practitioners and what they were doing to help other women like me, I started making the necessary changes, I quickly started to see things change.  From my own experiences and what I have learned, I have been able to help hundreds of women do the same.

Nancy decided she was not going to put up with her hot flashes and did something about it.  She did not want to take any hormone replacement, so what does she do?  She develops an amazing product that stops hot flashes in their tracks called Cool Cami.  She went from having several hot flashes a day to a few mild flushes.  Furthermore she quit waking up at night drenched in sweat with the Cool Me Mat.  Brilliant! 

Whether you are suffering from the symptoms of menopause or want to reduce your risk of experiencing the unpleasant signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalances your Menopause Sisters are here to help.  We would love to have you join the Menopause Sisterhood.

Ultimately our goal is to provide you with health information that can help guide you through menopause.  We do this by providing you with tips for symptom relief, treatment options and understanding  what are the root causes that can be contributing to your menopause symptoms and how to get things back into balance.  We aim to do this by increasing your awareness as to how you can have an impact on your own menopause journey with the love and support of our community of Menopause Sisters blog talk radio show, blog articlesonline courses, books, and various other resources that we feel you might find useful.

You can join the Menopause Sisterhood today by signing up for your FREE e-book in the upper right-hand corner of this page, “Menopause and Hormones:  Understanding What is Happening”.  It is time to start thriving rather than just surviving menopause!

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Wanted to share with all of you beautiful women out there the names of some incredible people who have helped me change my quality of life. Laura Dankof, MSN, ARNP, Celeste, owner of Great Earth Nutrition & Dr Theresa Dale & Christiane Norhtrup. If you have never been on these wonderful, educated women’s websites (www.menopausesisters.com or www.pathtohealthandhealing.com) or read any of their books, or been to see them then I highly recommend you do. I had been sick on and off most of life, chucked full of body destroying prescriptions, having almost every part in my inner body removed and still sick. I was so blessed to finally come across nurse practitioner Laura Dankof who works in Urbandale, IA and specializes in Internal Medicine. Ms. Dankof is affiliated with Mercy Medical Center & Childrens Hospital Des Moines. She has turned my life around! She works closely with Celeste at Great Earth Nutrition at 2700 University Ave, suite 104, West Des Moines. I have had stomach issues and been bloated all my life, I have severe osteoporosis, graves disease, gallbladder disease, cancer, etc. the list could go on and on. Since working with them and having a simple blood test done (a food sensitivity blood test) and finding out that the majority of every thing I was eating (which majority was a very healthy diet) was causing severe inflammation in my body & basically destroying it along with horrible prescriptions. I’m no longer on any meds, no longer eating foods that cause inflammation in me & have never felt better in my life, and the belly fat I couldn’t get rid no matter what i did……GONE! My hair has quit falling out, my skin is shinning again & my bones no longer ache. I get no hidden kickbacks for endorsing them. I just know there are so many people out there who could & would benefit from one little test! Of course insurance won’t pay for the blood test because they do not want you to get healthy. They want to keep getting richer off of you. If you are or have been dealing with chronic aches & pains, Allergies & weight problems, I highly recommend you setting up an appointment with Celeste & nurse practitioner Laura Dankof. I wish I would of founder her when I was only 5yrs old!  Robin Moyer

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    • Geeta:
      Most of the symptoms of Menopause will be from the following list:
      Hot flashes or nights sweats
      Irregular periods
      Weight gain
      Mood swings
      Depression and/or anxiety
      Brain fog
      Thyroid issues may appear

      It really depends on your hormone levels and what is going on with your body. Not all two women are alike.

      The list of natural remedies are endless. If you have specific symptoms this would help us narrow down any recommendations we would make for you.


      Nancy Munro

  1. Willy says:

    I definitely suffer from brain fog, mood swing, hot flashes and nightsweats. Could you tell me what kind of natural things I can use to diminish all these things? I have started walking and running, but it is definitely nit my favorite thing. I can eat all the time till I am more then full. Please help!

    • I can give you 3 tips that may help to get you moving in the right direction:
      1. Stress reduction through deep breathing, yoga, meditation.
      2. Take a serious look at diet. Begin with eating a diet rich in organic whole foods. Avoid grains, sugars, processed foods and alcohol.
      3. My number one supplement pick to help overall is Mighty Maca. For immediate relief from hot flashes – Cool Cami. Both can be found in the Menopause Sisters Store at: http://www.menopausesisters.com/store
      Thanks for your questions and I hope this helps. Laura

  2. Muna Rashid says:

    I am 50years old and going through menopause. After July, I had my periods, I think in November and
    then again twice in April. I have all the symptoms mentioned. Along with all these, I had severe allergies. I still have it, but not like before. Please give me some advice. Along with all the problems, allergies problem really bothers me.

  3. Saadia faheem says:

    Dear sisters I am 43 years old I am a thyroid patient with wait gain mood swings deprassion irregular periods etc etc plz help me to out of this

  4. Sonam Yangzom says:

    is it common to get hives while going through menopause. I get hives almost every day if I don’t take a cetrizine

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